Monday, April 6, 2015

New Boots

Well, this week was pretty good, I think you guys should watch the easter video Because He Lives. It was put out by the church, and is pretty inspiring.

I have no idea if I got any mail this week really. I've been on exchanges in St. John with Elder Kelley a lot this week because Elder Cox needed to check  how Elder Batley's training has been going. So i've been in St. John since Friday, and I didn't get any mail before that, and there's no post on saturday or sunday here, so hopefully the packages will be here, as well as the receipt from Grandma. I suppose that i'll find out though when I go back to Hampton today. I got boots finally, and they're pretty good work boots. They should hold up for the entire mission and beyond hopefully. If they don't, then no boot will hold up. I almost bought a pair of Kodiak boots, but they didn't have any that I could wear and still look somewhat dignified with a suit.

General conference was great. Before It started, I went and bought around 5 pounds of various candies at a bulk barn ( which is a store where you buy food according to weight), and hopefully the 3 pounds left over will last the rest of the transfer. We watched General Conference at the church, and I have no idea which talk is my favorite. They were all awesome, but one thought that keeps coming through for conference is that we are all tools in the Lord's Hand. We need to prepare ourselves for work, and if we aren't strong enough to hold up against the tensions, then what use are we? We need to always prepare ourselves to stand up to whatever comes our way, and to always do whatever work the Lord has for us. I recognized Elder Pearson, and I think i've met him once before, but I don't remember really if I have.

We didn't really have an easter dinner. A member gave us some Chicken pot pies which were delicious, then while we were at a less active member's house, he gave us some potatoes, mixed veggies, a bit of ham, and some seared Pineapple. It was pretty good.

We have had a little luck with investigators, but not much. We haven't really been able to get any out to Church unfortunately, but hopefully they'll come out soon. We have not done hardly any service this past week, but I did set up our ward's new computer this week, and got rid of a virus on the church's laptop as well. I suppose that probably counts as some service.

I haven't really done any family history work this week, but I did discover a few links through Family search that enable you to link to better sources and broader sources for free. The link is Through this you can sign up for free to other family history sites, which i'll be trying to do coming up here. I do need stories though for a booklet that the mission is doing, which goes to my great-great grandparents, so if you have any, then please feel free to send them.

Story of the week: We walked into an indoor open air market, and this kid stopped us and asked us if we wanted some beef jerky, then he gave us a sample. Then this guy came up (the kids dad) and tried to scam us into buying. Then he noticed our name tags, and asked us about them. When we told him all about what we chose to do and come on our missions for 2 years and leave our homes he asked us where we were from. I told him I was from Hawaii, and to prove it showed him my license, and he was absolutely dumbfounded. It was really funny especially because he was going to expect us to be asking for money and not paying our way with funds that our family gives, or that we saved up. We gave him an easter pass along card then we had to leave. The entire time though, after he accidentally said that he was the kid's dad, he still tried to act as if he didn't really know him. That just shows that some people only focus on money in life though. That's the story for the week.

That's all I have, I hope everyone is doing well, and is staying warm and safe!

Love, Elder Dooley

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