Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dinner Appointment

The member family that invited Elder Dooley and his companion to their home texted this photo home today.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hopefully Staying in Hampton

Well, It's been another exciting week, here in the maritimes. We are moving apartments soon, so send the Package off as quickly as possible. There are only a few things I want other than the GPS. I need Nori, and lots of it for Musubi, as well as maybe a musubi roller. Other than that, I think I could find a cord here somewhere that willl work to update the GPS. Even the brand new GPS that a few missionaries have aren't currently updated. Maybe a camera cord will work? Oh well, I'll make do with it. I cannot really disclose the reason behind us moving, other than it had to do with some problems with the Landlord, and his son, and some fighting that occurred while I was on exchanges between the landlord and his son. We'll hopefully stay in Hampton though. Also, The new investigator we got seems like he's a pretty solid guy. We haven't been able to meet with him again, but hopefully we'll be able to, and get him baptized!! Also, those cheap boots that I bought, not only did the side rip out, but the soles are staring to come off now as well. I'll definitely need new ones, that aren't quite as cheap, so please mom can you put money on my card for boots?I've been on exchanges a lot this week, so i've been tired from jumping from one area to another. Although, It should work out well enough. Other than that this week, I have nothing to report on. I hope everyone is safe, and is staying warm, and its good to hear that nothing happened with the brake line rusting through. I've seen some crashes here that have been caused by not being able to stop, and they are pretty bad at times. Thankfully I haven't been involved in any though.

Elder Dooley

P.s. Cora, I have not eaten any snow with or without maple syrup yet. though I might try it sometime.

Kirkham, Don't you know that you're the one that's supposed to be stabbing people in the back? and why not do research into what you're supporting first. at least it wasn't real life though

Afton, If I find moose jerky, i'll try to send some home. No promises though! I might eat it first!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crazy Stuff Going On

Well, I have some good news for you! I finally got the pictures! turns out, they were actually with the St. John missionaries in a box of stuff that president Leavitt left there. Also, The new mission president is James Ray Pratt, and Debra Susan Moss Pratt, They're from Florida, and you can probably look up more on them than I can. Cora, I would never jump into Lava, even if I was freezing, rather, i'd sit near enough to feel the heat and warm up, but then again, i'd have to deal with toxic fumes. Afton, I will not lose any toes, nor will I get even close to it, even though the cheap boots I bought have already broken on the side, so i'll be getting some better, not quite as cheap boots soon. Kirkham, Have fun at Model UN, and don't forget to make alliances with other countries for support of your bill, And don't do anything to crazy. Mom, I would say that you should definitely go ahead and get more schooling if that's what you want to do, I would just advise to do what you think and what you feel you should do. We are commanded to gain as much knowledge as we can in this world, because other than family, that is the only thing that you can take with you. If you feel impressed that it is the right thing to do, then go for it. Just remember, that I want to come back to Hawaii, so don't go moving anytime soon. And if you do, at least find out some way for me to get the truck when I go back to continue College.

You asked why I wanted to go to Newfoundland. Well, It's an amazing place, with moose, cod, seal, and icebergs. It is a land of mystery and wonder, and the food is mostly moose, cod, and seal from what i've heard. They drive Chevy Sierras up there, and i'm already sick of Driving our tiny little helpless chevy Cruze. Elder Cox has not been there, but he wants to go. Apparently, they've had about double the amount of snow that we've had, and it just seems like a place that I want to go.

Everything has been going great so far this week. It has been kind of crazy though. We've been  traveling a lot because my companion needed to go to a training meeting, we took our car into the shop because my last companion damage the bumper, and we expected to get it back the next day, only to find out that it was going to be in the shop for a few days, which caused us to miss a dinner appointment, and made us walk everywhere in Hampton. Then, we had to go to a Stake Conference in Fredericton where we listened to Elder Larry Y. Wilson speak who is a member of the quorum of the seventy. It was a nice meeting, and it was nice to hear a general authority speak. Also, while in fredericton, there were 10 elders staying in an apartment that is about 1/2 the size of our house. Kind of crazy, but somehow, we were all asleep before 10:30. Also, yesterday, while I was backing my companion out of a drive way, this lady stopped, and thought that my name was Sam, then talked about how she was taking her daughter to a friends house, and how her daughter is about my age, and how when we were little, her daughter and I apparently played in the ball pit at McDonalds together, and she introduced me to her daughter, then she drove off, saying she had to go. It was weird, and just plain out confusing. I'm sure it didn't help that the car smelled like stale liquor and cigarettes. Hopefully, I don't have anything weirder than that happen, although i'm sure it will. Also, earlier this week, we texted some lady, just asking how she was doing and she went on this rant (over text) about how she is herself, we're the LDS, our teachings are flawed and do not represent her who is the mother of all. For some reason, she thinks that she is mother Earth! I guess this week was really crazy now that I look at it. Also, we got a new investigator this week. He wanted a Book of Mormon, felt like he needed to turn his life around. We have a meeting set up with him this next week at Tim Horton's ( Canada's equivalent of Starbuck's, except it's cheaper). One last thing is that I ate moose this week, and it is absolutely delicious.

well, that's all that I have for now!

Love you all, and stay warm!

Elder Dooley

Also, for some reason all pictures are to big to send in email. i'll get them to you somehow though
And expect a package with at least some maple syrup in it sometime soon.

Stuff I Forgot About

So, there are a few requests that I have. First is to know what the status is on a costco card. There is a Costco here, and it would be nice to get cheap food if i can. second is that I need a new pair of boots because mine ripped out on the side. I have already found some that should last a long time, but I just need money to buy them. If you could put 200 on my personal card, that would be amazing. I bought some ties, and a few other essentials, but Other than boots, I won't be buying anything else for a while. Also, don't forget to pull the trumpet out and make sure the valves aren't frozen. Finally, I need a GPS. I've almost gotten lost several times, and if you guys don't need it in Hawaii, then you could send it out. If you don't then I could buy one, but that's only if you allow me too. these are my only requests for now, and I hope that you are doing great.

Love you,
Elder Dooley

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Comp

Dear family, I will start by addressing those who emailed me.

Dear Grandma Jewel,

I had no idea that I am the first great-grandchild to go on a mission. I hope that you are doing well, and that you have the spirit of youth with you! I love you  and I have a question for you. Are there any stories that you have or that your parents had that I can write down? In the mission we are doing family history booklets, and a part of them is to keep track of stories from your ancestors. Whatever you have will be great! I love you Grandma!

Dear Afton,

Tell everyone that I am cold at times, and freezing, but I am trying to fully immerse myself in the work of Heavenly Father, and that brings comfort to me, and It will bring blessings. In other words, I am working for the Lord, and when you're working for the Lord, how can you not be doing good? I like my new companion, he is not annoying whatsoever, and is easy to get along with! Also, we had a new investigator earlier this week, but then she dropped us :( I appreciate your Scriptures!

Dear Kirkham,

The only bit of advice I have for you regarding Prom is to mak sure that you are having a good time. I expect pictures, especially because you almost would never wear suits before. Also, If mom and dad allow, I dare you to grow out your hair the entire time I am gone. (except facial hair, keep that down). Also, right now you must always be mission minded. In a few years you could be out here, and remember to not do anything that you'll regret later.

Dear Cora,

It's not too cold here to lock the car. We almost always lock the car to stay safe. Also, if it's -40 outside, then we'd have to worry about our car freezing, otherwise it should be fine. Keep on learning, and I miss you sssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo Much, but you'll have to keeping missing me for 22 more months :)

Dear everyone,

The mission has been good to me. My first companion went home, I got my next companion Elder Cox, and I stayed in the same area. Elder Cox is from Mapleton, Utah which is about 15 minutes away from the MTC. I am not the designated driver anymore, but that's just because my companion can drive.

It hasn't been too cold, and we've been working as hard as we can. We had another storm yesterday, and because of it, church was cancelled. We got a new investigator this week, but then we lost her :( She says she's not quite ready for the commitment, but we'll keep trying to work on her. Other than that I don't have much news. I'm trying my best to stop gaining weight, and the mission has an exercise program where if i'm really determined, I should lose weight, and maybe gain muscle, but probably not.

I still haven't gotten those pictures you sent, but I will for sure let you know when I do. The maritimes are a fun place to be, and I definitely am loving my mission so far. I really want to go to Newfoundland, but maybe I'll end up there someday. Well, that's all I have for now. Congratulations on the play mom, and I hope everyone is doing amazing! Gotta go and do missionary work!(well, after food and a few other things, it is p-day after all).

Love you all,
Elder Dooley

Monday, March 9, 2015

Warming up

Well, this week has been normal I guess, nothing really exciting to report on. The weather has thankfully started to warm up a bit, and for the first time in a while got over freezing for once. We've still had quite a bit of shoveling, but not as much as we usually do. There hasn't been a whole lot of snow this week, and that's about it.

We haven't been able to meet with any of the new investigators this past week. They just haven't been there when we go by, or they never answer their phones. Hopefully we can get in contact with them soon though. We fear that one of the investigators may have talked to an Anti-mormon this past week, and that's why we haven't been able to get a hold of her. The reason we worry is because she lives across the street from a crazy anti lady, but thankfully her neighbours are active members that can help her out with anything that she needs.

We found out from some members yesterday who the new mission president will be, but I can't remember his name. I do know however that he is an accountant from Orlando, Florida that has been running a firm there, and is now coming out here in July.

This week, we didn't do a whole lot, we had a lot of dinner appointments, (one every night), and i think this area is too good for me. I've been eating a lot due to the appointments, and have started gaining some weight. I am going to try to cut down though. My new companion that i'll get on thursday is apparently trying to lose weight as well, so I guess that'll help me out.

Daylight savings really threw me off yesterday. Our phone was supposed to change automatically, but it didn't and therefore didn't go off at the right time. we didn't miss any meetings thankfully, but we missed breakfast so all through church my stomach was growling.

Spiritual thought for the day comes from my personal studies this morning in Abraham chapter 3. It's talking about the different times of different planets, and how the inhabitants know time as it is according to their planet. The time of Kolob is similar to God's time which is about 1 day for every 1000 years we go through. When the earth is exalted, and we become like God, the celestial kingdom will be with God so our time will be like his, where 1 day is 1000 days for us. The Terrestrial kingdom will be half way between Kolob's time, and Present earth time, and then the Telestial world, will be the same time as we know it today. Pretty interesting don't you think?

Well, that's all I have for now, but I'll let you know how this week goes. It's probably going to be crazy though due to transfers.

Stay warm and stay safe, Don't forget to pray to have the spirit in your lives,

love you all,
Elder Dooley

Monday, March 2, 2015

Links to Laie

Dear family and friends,

The Weather has been decent, and we've been getting a lot more snow, with a lot more shoveling and snow blowing.

There is a family in the ward that I'm in that went to BYU-Hawaii, and got married in the Laie Temple. Turns out that Phillip Graef actually knows Brother Blimes, and Brother Houghton fairly well, and took classes from them. Him and his wife Jessa graduated in 2012, so I don't know if you would know them dad. Also, another family in my ward was baptized by Alex Chowen before they moved out here recently. The families name in the Khangs. We've been over to their house once, and the dinner was good.

My companion and I have actually been doing spiritually thoughts relating a rubix cube to the restoration, and how Christ brought the gospel to the earth, then it would get all mixed up after the true authority was lost, then Joseph Smith restored it to the way it needs to be.

We haven't been teaching to many investigators, although we did get 2 new investigators this week at a dinner appointment with the Graef's. They were previous investigators, and when we taught them, they seemed to be very interested in what we were teaching. We need to get them out to church soon, and hopefully we can do that. There was another investigator that was picked up last week as well, but she's been unable to go to church yet, though she really wants to go. Her son just had a baby, and that has stopped her from coming unfortunately.

My companion is going home to Yuma, Arizona at the end of this transfer, and is getting super trunky because he only has 12 days until he's home. He's planning on going wakeboarding in his suit the day after he is released as a missionary. I'm excited for him, and he's doing really well.

The driving situation has worked out well. I have not had too many struggles with driving, and it can be quite the experience at times., with lots of slipping. We've had one or two close calls with snow, but never with people or vehicles, and haven't run into anything.

The other day, we got in the car, and the LCD screens were frozen. They barely worked, so I had to be careful about the speed because our speedometer is on an LCD screen. the day this happened, it got down to around -27 degrees celsius during the night. PRetty cold. Around -10 fahrenheit i believe.

I have not seen the ocean yet, and i'm fine with that for now. There are lots of trees, not really any tundra. Also, in the valley( kennebecasis) where the church building is, there is a big river, that has been frozen since I got here. There's probably about 7 feet of solid snow on top of it. No flowing water right now.

It sounds like everyone is doing well, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Stay safe, and stay warm:)
Elder Dooley

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