Monday, April 27, 2015

Plan to Achieve Success

In response to your letters:
Cora, don't forget to work on the little things, because the little things will often make the biggest difference. Be willing to take one step backwards to take 2 steps forward, and you will progress. always envision where you will go in the long run, and you will make it there.

Afton, Enduring to the end is one of the biggest things that we've been working on with less actives. Many times they forget the importance of persevering through the struggles, but as they persevere, they will receive blessings.

Kirkham, Not once did they ever consider firing me except for maybe when I first started there because it took me a while to get everything down. Connor left baskets in and the other guys I was working with did as well. One of the most important things to remember no matter what you are doing is to strive towards perfection and do what you need to do to get there. You may not feel very inspired, and you may feel lazy, but you need to do all you can to reach the highest point possible. It's good to hear that Connor is planning on going on a mission though. It'll be a good experience for him that will definitely change his life.

Mom, thank you for writing every week, even more diligently than me. I'm looking forward to Mother's day, but I still don't know much of what is happening, although I will let you know as soon as I find out. THe whole mission is preparing for the new mission president, so it may not be until a few days before that I can tell you when i'll be skyping. It will probably be on skype though, and that's one thing I can tell you for certain. If there's anyone that wants to join in the skype call, and if you want to include people then go ahead and do that. I would like to include grandparents, as well as most family, and maybe a few others as well if i'm aloud too. I'll check specifics though. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Don't forget to clean the trumpet ( just make sure all slides and valves are working, and if anything is stuck, just take it to Dr. Kammerrer, i'm sure he can help).
I think right now the thing i'm missing the most are hugs from you. It can be tough at times, but I need to keep pushing on and i'll make it through. Also, I did get the package, it came last week, and almost all of the candy is gone because we ate it. I'm surprised it took so long to get here. Thank you for it by the way.

As I push on through the struggles of mission life, I can be certain of one thing. You must be willing to plan to achieve success. Success comes through time as you endure to the end and want to be successful. At times, you may want to be negative and quit right where you are but that is when it matters the most. I have met people who quit at the hardest time, and they can't even do the simplest things they used to do actively. If you want to achieve the highest level of success you must push towards that level, you must do everything that you need to do to achieve that level, you must act at that level until it comes naturally. You will never naturally be able to automatically be able to just do it, but you must work at it until you can. Pushing onward and upwards is what you must do. It's what you must strive for in every aspect of your life. You must think actively of what you can do to change the way you act naturally, until the highest level of success is natural. I wish that I had realized this before I came out, but there's nothing I can do about it now. I must push forward towards what my goals are and forget what i've done wrong in the past, and strive for the future. Striving for the future does not mean that you must forget the past, but that you need to learn from mistakes of the past, and never ever repeat them. I know that I am doing what I need to be doing at this time, and as I push on, I can reach my goals.

Elder Dooley

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pepto and Ginger Ale

First, in response to your letters:
Afton, It definitely is not fair that he has his own room now. Maybe you should see if there's any way to stop it from happening. Even now I don't have my own room.

Cora, That's a pretty cool experience, the power of prayer is definitely impressive, and it's amazing what it can do to help you. Continue to pray daily, both morning and night, and you will see the blessings from it.

kirkham, I would never throw hot dogs across the kitchen. That just looks bad, and like I said, connor can be full of it (sometimes). He does have some pretty cool stories, just don't believe everything you hear.  Occasionally I would throw them in from the grill, but that's the furthest extent of things. Throwing stuff in hot oil is dangerous, and I have scars to prove it. Just be wise and quick, and you will always benefit. Do not forget to ask Brother RObertson about the list I sent you, and definitely tell me his response. It will probably help you, and it'll be funny to hear about.

Just to let you know, I did get grandmas letter, and I now have a costco card, which will definitely be convenient over this next transfer.

Brief rundown of this past week: Worked in Hampton, Quispamsis, and Rothesay monday thru wednesday, then went on an emergency transfer to St. John, where I stayed thursday thru Monday(today). It had to do with one of the Elders in St. John having some problems with the sisters there, and they should be resolved now. It was a fun week, with some results but not a ton. I got sick the other day, but thankfully I didn't have a fever, and didn't throw up, so I can say that Pepto-Bismol definitely saved the day. We also found out what will be happening this next week with transfers. I will be getting a new Companion, but I will be staying in Hampton. My new companion is Elder Nathan Wanlass, and he's from Utah. He's been out around a year, and seems like a fun guy. so far for transfers i'm 3 for 3 for new companions. Hopefully it'll change though, and i'll start staying with companions longer. That's all I really have for the week, other than a new bit of knowledge that I will carry around with me. Make sure to always have Pepto, and ginger ale, and you'll feel better so much faster. That's all I have for this week, so stay warm!

love, Elder Dooley

Monday, April 13, 2015

Not Much Happened

In response to your letters:
Cora, WHy are you singing happy birthday to me and it isn't even July yet! i don't want to get older every sunday, otherwise I might not make it home! If I got 1 year older every sunday, then when I got home, i'd be 122 years old! I don't want to be that old yet! I have not eaten snow, and I have not had that maple syrup stuff yet, but maybe I will as time goes by.

Afton, I really do need to remember my oil. We actually had to give a blessing this week, but we had to borrow someone's oil because neither my companion or I had any with us. All of my oil is actually in my studies bag which I forgot in Fredericton during an exchange. It's a bit over an hour away from us so I haven't gotten it back yet, but hopefully I will soon. Hardly anybody else is writing me really, though I am writing Tori, Leavitt, David, Sam, Isaiah, Carter, Brooke and I am going to write Jonah, and Michael today, maybe Len and Daniel as well.

Yo K_Dog, Watch out for Connor, he can be full of it at times, although keep up the good work, and you will pass me up. Remember, I got to where I was in less than 6 months, lets see if you can in less than 3 months, and just get better from there! Something you should ask Bro. Robertson about is stuff regarding Kolob and light, and how all light flows from Heavenly Father through Kolob, then through a whole lot of other planets, then our sun, then finally to us. Also about how light acts like both a particle and a wave. When it is being observed, it acts like a particle, and when it isn't being observed it acts like a wave. Also just for fun maybe you should ask him what the core temperature of a Celestial Being is? the answer is 98.6 by the way. If you ever get bored, just start reading the Pearl of Great Price, and the book of Revelations, there is some pretty crazy stuff in there!

This week was pretty good, not a ton happened, but we have been working with members a lot, and trying to have them find people for us to teach, and just have us teach which is our ultimate goal. I haven't been as stressed out as usual which is really nice, and it's kind of surprising how fast time has gone by. WHen I think back to it, the MTC, and the life before feels like yesterday, but at the same time, I feel like my life has always been like this, and this is all that I know. I would write a whole lot more about the week, but like I said not much happened. I did get the package with the GPS and the Nori, which I was really excited about, but was there also an Easter Package, because it seems like you said there was 2. Hopefully there wasn't, and nothing got lost in the mail. I'll look around though. Spiritual though would have to be about how much Heavenly Father has affected and blessed each parson's life. While out surfing, I was put in several situations, where if I reacted differently, or delayed my reaction, my life would be completely different. In that moment you make that decision, everything seems to slow down, and wait on your decision. Then everything seems to speed back up and you react. On several occasions I reacted in such away that I barely avoided causing physical harm to others, as well as myself. Pay attention for those moments, and you will realize exactly what decisions you make, and how they may affect you life.
That's all I have for now. I haven't sent the syrup yet, but I will eventually.
Elder Dooley

Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Pictures From the Field

Snow piled high

Surf wax!

Snow outside our door

Snow outside our windows

More snow

Yep, more snow outside our window

Nova Scotia sunset

An interesting find

He Lives

New Boots

Well, this week was pretty good, I think you guys should watch the easter video Because He Lives. It was put out by the church, and is pretty inspiring.

I have no idea if I got any mail this week really. I've been on exchanges in St. John with Elder Kelley a lot this week because Elder Cox needed to check  how Elder Batley's training has been going. So i've been in St. John since Friday, and I didn't get any mail before that, and there's no post on saturday or sunday here, so hopefully the packages will be here, as well as the receipt from Grandma. I suppose that i'll find out though when I go back to Hampton today. I got boots finally, and they're pretty good work boots. They should hold up for the entire mission and beyond hopefully. If they don't, then no boot will hold up. I almost bought a pair of Kodiak boots, but they didn't have any that I could wear and still look somewhat dignified with a suit.

General conference was great. Before It started, I went and bought around 5 pounds of various candies at a bulk barn ( which is a store where you buy food according to weight), and hopefully the 3 pounds left over will last the rest of the transfer. We watched General Conference at the church, and I have no idea which talk is my favorite. They were all awesome, but one thought that keeps coming through for conference is that we are all tools in the Lord's Hand. We need to prepare ourselves for work, and if we aren't strong enough to hold up against the tensions, then what use are we? We need to always prepare ourselves to stand up to whatever comes our way, and to always do whatever work the Lord has for us. I recognized Elder Pearson, and I think i've met him once before, but I don't remember really if I have.

We didn't really have an easter dinner. A member gave us some Chicken pot pies which were delicious, then while we were at a less active member's house, he gave us some potatoes, mixed veggies, a bit of ham, and some seared Pineapple. It was pretty good.

We have had a little luck with investigators, but not much. We haven't really been able to get any out to Church unfortunately, but hopefully they'll come out soon. We have not done hardly any service this past week, but I did set up our ward's new computer this week, and got rid of a virus on the church's laptop as well. I suppose that probably counts as some service.

I haven't really done any family history work this week, but I did discover a few links through Family search that enable you to link to better sources and broader sources for free. The link is Through this you can sign up for free to other family history sites, which i'll be trying to do coming up here. I do need stories though for a booklet that the mission is doing, which goes to my great-great grandparents, so if you have any, then please feel free to send them.

Story of the week: We walked into an indoor open air market, and this kid stopped us and asked us if we wanted some beef jerky, then he gave us a sample. Then this guy came up (the kids dad) and tried to scam us into buying. Then he noticed our name tags, and asked us about them. When we told him all about what we chose to do and come on our missions for 2 years and leave our homes he asked us where we were from. I told him I was from Hawaii, and to prove it showed him my license, and he was absolutely dumbfounded. It was really funny especially because he was going to expect us to be asking for money and not paying our way with funds that our family gives, or that we saved up. We gave him an easter pass along card then we had to leave. The entire time though, after he accidentally said that he was the kid's dad, he still tried to act as if he didn't really know him. That just shows that some people only focus on money in life though. That's the story for the week.

That's all I have, I hope everyone is doing well, and is staying warm and safe!

Love, Elder Dooley

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