Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lose Yourself in Him

Time really does fly. It's weird to think that before long, i'll be at my 6 month mark. Then again, time really flies when you're working hard.

[Responding to a question from mom regarding his hammock] If you aren't finding the hammock,  you aren't looking hard enough. If I hada place to hang it, I would ask for you to send it, but there's nowhere really that it would be able to go. The hammock is in my hiking bag, along with a bunch of other camping stuff that I usually used. You might want to pull the sleeping bag out as well, and loosen the straps and hang it out somewhere before it becomes eternally compressed. The hiking bag by the way is in the top of my closet. If the hammock isn't there, then I don't know where it is. But you can get one for 20 dollars on Amazon, that's what Daniel did after all!

[Responding to news of this week's family goal to finish the school year strong or #finishstrong] Maybe for one of the Facebook posts we do, I'll try to use the Hashtag for them so they'll finish strong. It feels like yesterday that I was graduating. Time really goes fast, but in the moment it can feel like forever.

This week we've been trying to work hard, but we haven't had very much luck. All of our lessons have fallen through, and we didn't get any new investigators. It can be tough, But as time goes by, everything will work out.

In my scripture reading, I was recently reading about Alma who was giving his sons advice before he passed away. To the son that went off and messed around, and caused a lot of trouble, he tells him that no matter how badly you mess up, you can always come back to the Lord and be forgiven of your sins. We've been working with this guy who wants to be baptized and knows the church is true, but can't bring himself to be baptized because he doesn't want to be a bad representative of a member of the church. We've been trying to stress with him how important it is to just come unto Christ and lose yourself in Him and you will be blessed.

I don't really have anything else for this week, but I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

Love you,
Elder Dooley

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Facebook Stalking

Mom has been Facebook Stalking Elder Dooley again and came across these pictures posted today. Not sure what was going on but Elder Dooley and Elder Wanlass look like they are enjoying the company and food.

Check the Mail

Well, it sounds like you all had a very busy week. I found a typewriter this past week, and used it to write my letter home for this week. Look for it in the mail, it will also include my mother's day talk, and some Canadian money, which should not be used, especially the pennies because they're hard to find now. Check the mail, and It should get to you soon. Also, I've been getting artsy with taking some photos, so there are some good ones which will be in the shared folder. Have a great week, Love you!!

Elder Dooley

hey, also, I forgot this morning, our mailing address is

39 Law Avenue #1
Hampton, NB,CA
E5N 5C1

Monday, May 11, 2015

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