Monday, May 4, 2015

Down a Dirt Road

Cora, Thank you for the quotes, i'll definitely remember those ones. And cool Idea for your own business. Maybe You can send some of those cookies to me?

Afton, I've been looking for that scripture for some time. now can you find the one about the man with the blue beard? It's great to hear how Water polo is going for you. Just remember to always give it your all, and you will do well. You can always push yourself harder, and I know that you will continue to do great!

yo K-Dog, my Brother from the same mother, Paint balling is fun, maybe if i'm lucky i'll get to do it sometime. I heard that you have an APUSH test coming up. Remember to set apart enough time to study, and to work with other people to memorize stuff. It will definitely help. APUSH was my only serious class my senior year. Good job for doing it sooner than me. Work Hard!

Here is the new apartment Address: Hope fully you didn't send anything recently, because if you did and it ends up at the old place, it will be really hard to track down

39 Law Ave
Hampton, NB E5N 5C1

This week was a pretty good one. Nothing to crazy, but we did put someone on date for May 30th. She's wanted to get baptized for a while but her parents haven't really let her. I know that they'll let her get baptized though. Hampton has been a great place to serve with Great people, and I am loving it. The members always feed us, I need to figure out how to stop gaining weight from being so well fed, Lots of help when we were moving, and people gave us food, and we helped out at a service project, and they gave us all the extra food, (around 30 sandwiches). It's been a very well fed week. We did one thing a bit different this week; we went down a dirt road. This isn't abnormal by any means, but it was especially different. It was different because half way up the road, it sort of turned into an off-road trail with lots of mud and bumps. In any other vehicle than ours, we would've been fine, but we're in a 2013 Chevy Cruze, which as you can probably guess is terrible for anything that isn't straight Asphalt. MY companion didn't know how to drive in it, so he had me drive, but I didn't really know much, other than to try to stay out of the ruts, and to just keep on going. The car made it through with very little damage, ( a light popped out on the front bumper which we just popped back in), and it is covered in mud. It was kind of fun especially because there were a few other trucks on the road that must've been thinking what are these guys in suits in a Chevy Cruze thinking Driving down this road? And they are right, what were we thinking. It was fun though, other than having to turn around 5 km down the road because it was blocked by snow which we could've gone through if we were in any other vehicle. This all happened because we followed the GPS, down a dirt road after almost all the snow had melted. Also, last week P-day, after emailing, my companion backed into another car, that was parked, in the sun. All he had to do was go straight, and for some reason he turned. It was an experience that we laughed off later on, and we still don't have any real idea of what happened. That's this past week, and I've been tired, and that's about it. It's been a great time so far, and hopefully it continues this way! I love hearing how everyone is doing, and it's great to hear the family goals. Have a good week, and keep on keeping on!
Elder Dooley

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