Monday, May 11, 2015

Thanks For the Support

Well, considering I just talked to you all, I don't have much to report on. I've seen 2 dead porcupines in the road--glad we didn't hit them--those things are massive, and the spines on them as well. If a see a live one i'll try to take pictures. I can send my pictures finally because i'm at a computer with an sd card slot. Not a lot really to say.

I gave a talk yesterday which will be found in the shared dropbox.

We've been trying to do a lot of finding, and that has seemed to work out. We have a family that we'll be teaching tonight which should be fine.

I thought I broke the churches internet the other day, then after trying everything, brother Phillip Graef came in and plugged in the dsl cable. i felt really dumb after that.

Thank you for the support i've been getting from all of you. It really helps out and helps me to focus on the work which is at hand.

I was reading today in the book of Jacob. You can probably guess that I was reading about the parable of the Olive tree, and I was. But i also was reading about Sharam. If you don't remember, he's the guy that came up to Jacob and was telling him that he was all wrong and that he was a fool for believing that there was a Christ. I found it interesting that Jacob replied and rebuked him because he claimed that while he was learned in the scriptures, and that there was no way that Sharam could be learned in the scriptures and still preach about Christ. Sharam came to the realization that he was wrong and that he denied christ, which is one of the most unpardonable sins, then he professed to the people that all that he had taught was false and then he gave up the ghost. This caused the people to realize the errors of their ways and they repented, and read from the scriptures. The best way to repent is to show that you know what you have done wrong, then repent, even unto death. That's pretty serious, and I really hope that nobody I knows needs to repent through giving up the ghost. Sharam is a very strong example of how the scriptures prophesy about christ. As we read the scriptures we will grow closer unto him and his teachings, and can be forgiven of our sins. This is not all of course, but you can probably get the picture.

That's all I have for today. next week there'll probably be more.

love you,
Elder Dooley

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