Monday, June 22, 2015

No Snow in Summer

Afton, Keep up the good work, as you continue to work you will see more and more benefits come your way!

Kirkham, you should get those pictures on facebook. I can't see stuff on instagram, especially because I don't have one! You're actually at the same score I got from the one time I took the ACT. Keep on working hard, and have a fun summer, but not too fun of course!

Cora, despite what many people think, it does not snow in the summer in Canada, unless You go way up into the top of the most northern territories, but even then, I don't think it's always there. I am doing well, but we don't have any investigators. Keep on learning!

Mom, I was the one to use the money at walmart, the purchases were necessary items such as hair stuff, shoe smell powder because my shoes have been stinking, and some slacks because it turns out that i may have grown enough that my slacks are too short. My suit pants however still fit fine. good thing they were altered longer than we thought was necessary. I'll send those slacks home that don't fit well anymore for kirkham or something like that, unless someone here needs some. Is there anyway that I can check the balance on my card, it would be nice to know when I have money and how much I have, so that i'm not guessing when I go to buy stuff that is needed. I usually try to avoid unnecessary items most of the time. I don't think i currently have anything that I don't need though, or that i'm not using. It also helps that most missionaries leave stuff in apartments that can be used.
I never knew that you kept a journal until know. Over the past few days i've been slacking a bit but usually I am pretty good at writing in my journal. And then if I have an experience I also have a little note book that I keep records in, or dreams and stuff like that. You may feel temporary now, but imagine how I feel. I never know if i'll be somewhere for more than 6 weeks at the most! It's kind of helped me to realize that maybe the reason we moved so much is because the lord had something that needed to be done by us in each area we lived in, and maybe Hawaii was his way of giving blessings! And don't worry if you move again! I think i'll definitely be staying in Hawaii after my mission, for as long as i'm permitted.
I just realized the other day that it's pretty much been 6 months since i've started my mission. Time goes fast, but yet at the same time it goes at the perfect speed.
Thank you for all that you have given me! Continue being there not only for me but for those around you as well.
Love you,
Elder Dooley

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