Monday, September 21, 2015

Eight Months Already

Cora, I hope you have a good experience at temple baptisms. It is an awesome experience to be able to do that. I forgot that you were able to go to the temple now. It will definitely be an amazing experience. I'll send some names for you to do that i've found recently, so that you have some more to do.

Kirkham, You never mentioned that you were doing your Eagle Scout Project, what is it that you decided to do? make sure to send pics of it. Pretty soon you'll be driving as well. That'll be interesting. It's probably time they send out a notice to warn everyone that you'll be on the road.:)

Afton, keep working hard at school, and thank you for the weekly scripture, it really helps for more scriptures I can use.

Mom, I wish I had a big weekly update, but unfortunately I don't... Not much has really been happening here. I sent a grouping of a few months of pictures, that I think you'll like. I also cleared out all of the old stuff after saving it so I can keep adding more. I have some more names that i'll send your way. I dug them up recently, and I won't be able to do them all.
The old testament is tough, i've been trying to read it, and it's slow going, especially because a lot of it has to do with just straight genealogy for multiple chapters on end.
I haven't really noticed until now how fast time really goes by. I've been out 8 months already. It still feels like yesterday that I landed here in Nova Scotia. When you think of it, time is only a human concept that we only use to organize really when we do stuff, and how long we do stuff for. Time shouldn't be a hindrance in anything that we do. As long as we're working hard, that's all that really matters, and as long as we're trying our hardest as well. That's all that I really have to say for this week.Love you, and have great week!!
Elder Dooley

 P.S.You mentioned a while back something about a care package. I need Li Hing Mui. By far that's the best thing in what you've sent because you can't get that here,(aside from the ties) also a bunch of Reese's if possible, it's just not the same here.

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