Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elder Dooley Enters the MTC

We went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. Finished quickly so we killed some time and got a Krispy Kreme too. Elder Dooley was pretty anxious to get going so dad and mom kept teasing him saying "oh, we gotta stop at the store", and "lets drive up to the Canyon first" and such. He didn't think that was too funny.

Stopped across the street to get the luggage all situated and to get a  picture with the MTC in the background. 

We pulled up to the MTC and mom turned around and snapped this picture of Elder Dooley in the car. "Let's do this!" he said. 

Everything is out of the rental and Elder Dooley has just met his greeter who met us with a big "Konichiwa". Guess he is going to Japan. That was kinda funny considering Elder Dooley took Japanese in high school.

One last picture with mom and dad and there. . .

 . . .he . . .

 . . .goes. See ya in 2 years Elder Dooley!

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