Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Letter Home

Ran into Josie Tueller at the Provo Temple!

Sounds like all is well, so far, and I have very little to report on other than the MTC being awesome. I hope you heard I need a blanket, because I am freezing, then I'll keep you posted on if I will need nerf guns or not for when we're "snowed" in.

I have felt the spirit a lot, and it has really helped me to grow spiritually. I am a zone leader in my zone in the MTC, and I'm entering the field with half of my zone, which is four. The other four are splitting up and going to Edmonton Canada, and Orlando, Florida. Tell Jacob to watch out for them. The two going to Florida are sister Woolley, and Sister Guynn. 

Everyone in the district gets along great, and we all just love hanging around in class, and we all just want to be in the field. Honestly, it's only felt like a day since I entered, but I know that once I enter the field, I'm going to blink, and then six months will have gone by. I'm loving the work of the Lord, and am stoked to get started. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Also, thanks for the food you gave me. While the food in the MTC is good, it really overworks your bowels. 

Until next time, and I love you all, Elder Dooley

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