Monday, March 30, 2015

Hopefully Staying in Hampton

Well, It's been another exciting week, here in the maritimes. We are moving apartments soon, so send the Package off as quickly as possible. There are only a few things I want other than the GPS. I need Nori, and lots of it for Musubi, as well as maybe a musubi roller. Other than that, I think I could find a cord here somewhere that willl work to update the GPS. Even the brand new GPS that a few missionaries have aren't currently updated. Maybe a camera cord will work? Oh well, I'll make do with it. I cannot really disclose the reason behind us moving, other than it had to do with some problems with the Landlord, and his son, and some fighting that occurred while I was on exchanges between the landlord and his son. We'll hopefully stay in Hampton though. Also, The new investigator we got seems like he's a pretty solid guy. We haven't been able to meet with him again, but hopefully we'll be able to, and get him baptized!! Also, those cheap boots that I bought, not only did the side rip out, but the soles are staring to come off now as well. I'll definitely need new ones, that aren't quite as cheap, so please mom can you put money on my card for boots?I've been on exchanges a lot this week, so i've been tired from jumping from one area to another. Although, It should work out well enough. Other than that this week, I have nothing to report on. I hope everyone is safe, and is staying warm, and its good to hear that nothing happened with the brake line rusting through. I've seen some crashes here that have been caused by not being able to stop, and they are pretty bad at times. Thankfully I haven't been involved in any though.

Elder Dooley

P.s. Cora, I have not eaten any snow with or without maple syrup yet. though I might try it sometime.

Kirkham, Don't you know that you're the one that's supposed to be stabbing people in the back? and why not do research into what you're supporting first. at least it wasn't real life though

Afton, If I find moose jerky, i'll try to send some home. No promises though! I might eat it first!!

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