Monday, April 13, 2015

Not Much Happened

In response to your letters:
Cora, WHy are you singing happy birthday to me and it isn't even July yet! i don't want to get older every sunday, otherwise I might not make it home! If I got 1 year older every sunday, then when I got home, i'd be 122 years old! I don't want to be that old yet! I have not eaten snow, and I have not had that maple syrup stuff yet, but maybe I will as time goes by.

Afton, I really do need to remember my oil. We actually had to give a blessing this week, but we had to borrow someone's oil because neither my companion or I had any with us. All of my oil is actually in my studies bag which I forgot in Fredericton during an exchange. It's a bit over an hour away from us so I haven't gotten it back yet, but hopefully I will soon. Hardly anybody else is writing me really, though I am writing Tori, Leavitt, David, Sam, Isaiah, Carter, Brooke and I am going to write Jonah, and Michael today, maybe Len and Daniel as well.

Yo K_Dog, Watch out for Connor, he can be full of it at times, although keep up the good work, and you will pass me up. Remember, I got to where I was in less than 6 months, lets see if you can in less than 3 months, and just get better from there! Something you should ask Bro. Robertson about is stuff regarding Kolob and light, and how all light flows from Heavenly Father through Kolob, then through a whole lot of other planets, then our sun, then finally to us. Also about how light acts like both a particle and a wave. When it is being observed, it acts like a particle, and when it isn't being observed it acts like a wave. Also just for fun maybe you should ask him what the core temperature of a Celestial Being is? the answer is 98.6 by the way. If you ever get bored, just start reading the Pearl of Great Price, and the book of Revelations, there is some pretty crazy stuff in there!

This week was pretty good, not a ton happened, but we have been working with members a lot, and trying to have them find people for us to teach, and just have us teach which is our ultimate goal. I haven't been as stressed out as usual which is really nice, and it's kind of surprising how fast time has gone by. WHen I think back to it, the MTC, and the life before feels like yesterday, but at the same time, I feel like my life has always been like this, and this is all that I know. I would write a whole lot more about the week, but like I said not much happened. I did get the package with the GPS and the Nori, which I was really excited about, but was there also an Easter Package, because it seems like you said there was 2. Hopefully there wasn't, and nothing got lost in the mail. I'll look around though. Spiritual though would have to be about how much Heavenly Father has affected and blessed each parson's life. While out surfing, I was put in several situations, where if I reacted differently, or delayed my reaction, my life would be completely different. In that moment you make that decision, everything seems to slow down, and wait on your decision. Then everything seems to speed back up and you react. On several occasions I reacted in such away that I barely avoided causing physical harm to others, as well as myself. Pay attention for those moments, and you will realize exactly what decisions you make, and how they may affect you life.
That's all I have for now. I haven't sent the syrup yet, but I will eventually.
Elder Dooley

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