Monday, July 27, 2015

First Time on Bikes

(A note from Elder Dooley's mom: Usually I do not include the little notes Heath sends his brother and sisters because they are personal or trivial. I included them this time.)

Bad news mom, I can't see the videos because they're on youtube. You'll have to try dropbox again, and hopefully it'll work.

Afton, it's great to hear that you're surfing more. keep it up, and you'll do even better. On e of the things that we've been working on hear is keeping the commandments. Our investigatorI just learning the commandments such as the word of wisdom, and is pretty much immediately changing her ways so that she can be baptized.

Kirkham, It's your senior year, so don't be stressing out to much, just make sure to work at what you have, and never give up. also, what is stronk? if used in context is it used like this:" I is Mahkrik, I is STRONK!!"?

Well, it is unfortunate that I can't watch the videos you sent, but i'll just tell you how my week went. This past week we had zone training, and the zone focus for this next transfer is love, as well as loving everyone, and all that we do. We took our car in earlier this week which is a Chevy Trax, and found out that it has some driveshaft problems, and it has had them for a while. We were told that it's probably a good thing we haven't really been driving around a lot, or the drive shaft could've literally exploded and come through the floor. We only drove to Halifax and back the day before taking it in, so it's no big deal. only a few hours of driving. So we ended up riding our bikes for the first day the car was in the shop, and then we got a rental, which is a Buick Verano. Turns out there were also a few recalls on the Trax, so we have no idea when we'll get the car back. Good thing it's all covered under Warranty. Have I ever said I don't really like GM vehicles? They are always have problems it seems.  We've gone over to our investigator's house a few times this week, and have been helping with painting different parts of the house. She feeds us and we give her service and teach her a lesson. It's a pretty good deal. Nothing else has really happened this week, other than lots of rain.
 hope you all have a good week. Love you!

Elder Dooley

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