Monday, August 3, 2015

Hit a Deer

I watched the videos like you said, and the only advice I have for being a seminary teacher is to totally immerse the students in the doctrine. Especially if your covering the Pearl of Great Price or any of the deeper stuff. Don't get too deep though, just enough though to make them think. Also have fun with it, and do games every now and then, as well as stuff for passing off scriptures. Seminary is constantly growing more and more important. Overall, as long as it is a spiritual experience that can be looked upon throughout the day, it should be good. Just keep the students interested, try to stop them from sleeping, ( maybe take away chairs), just keep them interested.
Nothing much really happened this week, other than yesterday I hit a deer, ( oh deer), There was no damage done, and the deer ran away, presumably unharmed, without showing any signs of what had happened. My companion spotted it just before it ran into the road, so I was almost stopped when we hit it. It looked more like it lost it's balance when the car hit it because it stumbled a few steps, then slid, then it rolled around on someones lawn on it's own, Popped up, then ran of in the other direction. It was an interesting experience. Other than that, I think i'm going to try to make some jam today and i'll let you know how that goes. That's all for this week, Stay safe, and have fun,
Love, Elder Dooley

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