Monday, August 17, 2015

Service is Playing Games

AFton, Have fun with learning that song. I can't remember it, but i'm sure it's a good one!

Cora, guess what, we're having a baptism on your Birthday! Our investigator wanted to move her baptism to this Saturday just in case either me or my companion gets transferred. I'll see if I can find something cool, although i'm not sure how soon it'll get to you. It'll get there eventually.

Kirkham, Work can be tough, and when nothing is changing, I can definitely understand how tough it can be. Do what you want to do, and  stick to it! Before you sell the iPod, make sure that you have all the music on the computer. If not all of it is there, then I think Dad knows how to move it from iPod to computer, or just find the steps on YouTube. And you don't have to sell it if you don't want to. Work hard!

mom, It's been fairly muggy here, but i'm enjoying it because I can breathe in it! Transfer letters are next week, so i'll let you know then where i'll be going, or if i'm staying. Leonida is the investigator we had on date and she wanted to move her baptism to this Saturday! She wanted to move it just in case either my companion or I got transferred. The service we did this week was helping out the permanent care facility this week at Victoria Park, and pushing people around in wheelchairs, and playing games. We also loaded up a large trailer with wood and other debris from our investigators yard. She's prepping to try to sell her house, and wants to make sure it's ready to move into with little work. Other than that, not a lot has been happening here. Just good 'ol mission work. It's great to hear how you all are doing, and I love you all!

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