Monday, August 24, 2015

Leonida's Baptism

The baptism went great! Leonida was very excited, Elder Belmonte baptized her, and I confirmed her in sacrament yesterday. For this next transfer, both Elder Belmonte and I are staying here in Truro, and There's going to be another set of Elders coming in as well. Nothing else has really been happening this week. I have been thinking however more about the exact purpose of serving a mission. Some missionaries go through there 2 whole years without getting a single baptism, and maybe teaching very few lessons. If the whole purpose of serving a mission was just to go out and baptize everyone we could, then there wouldn't be non-baptizing missions. Baptisms are a side effect of missions, and if you baptize someone then you have brought someone to the fold  and have only begun their true conversion process. Missions are ultimately to convert the missionary. To build up their testimony, to teach them skills they will need throughout life, and to ultimately be willing to do the Lord's will. Mission success should not ever be measured in number of baptisms achieved, or number of lessons taught, rather, mission success should be based off of what someone learns overall, and how the mission changes their life. I hope that I will be able to show that my mission was successful and played a role in my conversion.

I'll check for any names that i've found that need baptisms done for Afton and Cora and send them your way. I love to here from you guys, and stay strong! Love you!

Elder Dooley

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