Monday, September 28, 2015

Carpe Diem

Afton, it's interesting that you chose that scripture, something that you should know is that Christ no only felt the pains of sin, but also the literal pains we feel as well. Remember that, and remember that you can ask for help in all that you go through. Why'd you have to get the tooth out anyways?

Cora, How did you like the temple trip, was it good? I'm feeling tired as well, but then again, as a missionary, i'm always tired, it's just how it goes! It's definitely worth it though.

Mom, Outline of P-Day today goes like this: laundry, Clean Apartment, Clean Car(inside and out), E-Mail at some point, and play basketball as well, unless we don't have time to. I haven't played volleyball since coming to Truro, but we usually do basketball with some guys from the community. On most P-Days, we do our grocery shopping, do our laundry, and whatever else needs to get done. We have a washer and dryer that we have to pay for to get our laundry done. We do a good amount of grocery shopping, but some members give us a few groceries, and we have a few dinner appointments every now and then. Contacts for Elder Belmonte and i have been decent, but not great. No one really wants to listen to us, but we still try. I'd say about half of the contacting we do is tracting, while the other half is just talking to people on the street, or just around town, and wherever we go. Exercise is going well, haven't lost weight though. It sounds like you are all going to have a very busy, fulfilling week. I'm looking forward to General conference. It'll be a good one, and a lot is probably going to happen.
The only thing that really happened for us this week was service we gave to a member. He's an interesting guy, who does a lot of Ham radio stuff. We put up a fifty foot tower for him. We were only supposed to be there for an hour, and we were originally told we'd just be digging a hole, but then it turned into a six hour ordeal of getting this tower up for his radio. I was on the roof a majority of the time, and got fiberglass in my arms from the shingles, but thankfully it wasn't too bad, and we all remained safe. the Other elders helped us with putting up the tower.
I like the 'cliche' you gave me, and I also have one that i've been thinking of, " Carpe Diem", also known as "Seize the Day". I thin that it's not only important to remember what we've been given but also the fact that we need to use it. We often are given  all these great talents, and we need to use them however we can to the best of our ability. Similar to the parable of the talents, we are given these gifts to go out and do something with them, or else, we fail those plans laid in store for us, and it would've been better that we had not received them in the first place. Use what you are given, to the best of your ability, and be careful with it, and blessings will be in store.
Thanks for your support and your love, I love you, have a great week, Elder Dooley

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