Monday, September 7, 2015

There is Always a Reason

Afton, Keep on practicing. Something I want you to look up John 2:1-11. This is where Jesus turns water to wine. I want you to think about the little details and closely analyze it. Make sure to use the footnotes, and other resources. A few hints:6 is incomplete(6 days in a week). Waterpots, which are used for washing( dirty water). Presented to the Governor( highest authority there) Also, a Firkin is about 4 gallons, each pot (6 pots) contains three or four firkins... THAT is a LOT of wine. WHy so much? Make sure to have everyone analyze this, using scriptures, online resources, institute, and whatever you can find. This isn't just a miracle, it's a real life miracle, and was included for a reason.

This week for me was decent. Not a whole lot happened, and we don't have any investigators, but we'll keep working at it.  Next time we go and visit Brother Jones, We'll see if he has any cool experiences that he can share. I'll let you know.

It can possibly start snowing in October, but it doesn't always. I think we'll have a hard long early winter this year. At least that's what we heard is supposed to happen. So maybe i'll want those boots that dad had:) the fall here is supposed to be an amazing time of year here. No trees are beginning to show color changes yet, but it'll happen soon. I just hope that we actually have a fall this year.

Something that we learned at Zone Conference this week is paying attention to the little details that are included in the scriptures. Sometimes you may wonder why so much was included, but the little details are often really important. Look at the example I gave to Afton. I pointed out some of the details, but there are still more to be found, but also, each scripture should be looked at differently, because there are often multiple things that can be learned from, and the message may be different for other people. There is always a reason stories are included in the scriptures, each person needs to find out for themselves why. That's all I really have for this week, so I hope you have a good week!
Love you!
Elder Dooley

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