Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some News

Well, I have some news for you. I am now the assigned driver in the companionship. Turns out my companion got in a minor accident that didn't do anything to the car he was driving but totaled another car. Church headquarters got back,and told him just the other day right before a big ol' storm. I've been sliding a bit in the car and am getting used to the driving in the snow, but it's different. We are almost always out and about, otherwise we've been inside working on potential investigators and the likes. We are almost always able to get out of the house though.

 Just the other day, I got your package, which the m&m's container blew up in, but there was no damage to anything, and I also got a letter from the Kajiyamas, and Carter's Family. I got your package a day after Valentines, so it worked well enough. The packages and letters from the MTC should have been forwarded, but it may take a while. I should have those by transfers in 3 weeks, but I will let you know.

 When we shovel walks with snow over our heads, we put the snow on top, otherwise we would get no where. We did also shovel off a roof the other day. Unfortunately we found out that some part of the roof have rotted out, but we didn't fall through. My companion and I both have experience with construction, so we made sure not to jab the shovels through, being that it probably won't be able to get replaced for a few months until it warms up.

 Also, this week we only had Sacrament meeting rather than the 3 hours that we would normally have. Also, I had to give a talk, and I had enough stuff prepared for 10 minutes, but it only went for 5, which didn't turn out well because my companion and I were covering for people who couldn't make it because of the weather.

 For P-Day, we're usually in St.John with the Elders there. We go to a local library, on the University of New Brunswick campus. It work well, and is a very public place, so theres a lot of people usually. We aren't allowed to have computers such as laptops in the apartments. If we did, we'd be Apostate, and thats not good.

 I have spent money, I have no idea how much, but if I were you, i'd just check to see how far below I am from 200. There are a few fun words that some missionaries use such as apostate, meaning, disobedient, and not really following the rules.We also use the term "pooched" for when we've messed up on something, or someone has messed up on something.

 My area cover three different little towns called Quispamsis, Hampton, and Sussex. It's a good sized area but not the biggest. You could probably look the area up on a map if you wanted to. I enjoy all the different people we get to meet, and the different members we get to talk to.

 Well, I hope you all stay safe, and have a good spiritual week!
Love you all!
Elder Dooley

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