Monday, March 2, 2015

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Dear family and friends,

The Weather has been decent, and we've been getting a lot more snow, with a lot more shoveling and snow blowing.

There is a family in the ward that I'm in that went to BYU-Hawaii, and got married in the Laie Temple. Turns out that Phillip Graef actually knows Brother Blimes, and Brother Houghton fairly well, and took classes from them. Him and his wife Jessa graduated in 2012, so I don't know if you would know them dad. Also, another family in my ward was baptized by Alex Chowen before they moved out here recently. The families name in the Khangs. We've been over to their house once, and the dinner was good.

My companion and I have actually been doing spiritually thoughts relating a rubix cube to the restoration, and how Christ brought the gospel to the earth, then it would get all mixed up after the true authority was lost, then Joseph Smith restored it to the way it needs to be.

We haven't been teaching to many investigators, although we did get 2 new investigators this week at a dinner appointment with the Graef's. They were previous investigators, and when we taught them, they seemed to be very interested in what we were teaching. We need to get them out to church soon, and hopefully we can do that. There was another investigator that was picked up last week as well, but she's been unable to go to church yet, though she really wants to go. Her son just had a baby, and that has stopped her from coming unfortunately.

My companion is going home to Yuma, Arizona at the end of this transfer, and is getting super trunky because he only has 12 days until he's home. He's planning on going wakeboarding in his suit the day after he is released as a missionary. I'm excited for him, and he's doing really well.

The driving situation has worked out well. I have not had too many struggles with driving, and it can be quite the experience at times., with lots of slipping. We've had one or two close calls with snow, but never with people or vehicles, and haven't run into anything.

The other day, we got in the car, and the LCD screens were frozen. They barely worked, so I had to be careful about the speed because our speedometer is on an LCD screen. the day this happened, it got down to around -27 degrees celsius during the night. PRetty cold. Around -10 fahrenheit i believe.

I have not seen the ocean yet, and i'm fine with that for now. There are lots of trees, not really any tundra. Also, in the valley( kennebecasis) where the church building is, there is a big river, that has been frozen since I got here. There's probably about 7 feet of solid snow on top of it. No flowing water right now.

It sounds like everyone is doing well, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Stay safe, and stay warm:)
Elder Dooley

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