Monday, March 9, 2015

Warming up

Well, this week has been normal I guess, nothing really exciting to report on. The weather has thankfully started to warm up a bit, and for the first time in a while got over freezing for once. We've still had quite a bit of shoveling, but not as much as we usually do. There hasn't been a whole lot of snow this week, and that's about it.

We haven't been able to meet with any of the new investigators this past week. They just haven't been there when we go by, or they never answer their phones. Hopefully we can get in contact with them soon though. We fear that one of the investigators may have talked to an Anti-mormon this past week, and that's why we haven't been able to get a hold of her. The reason we worry is because she lives across the street from a crazy anti lady, but thankfully her neighbours are active members that can help her out with anything that she needs.

We found out from some members yesterday who the new mission president will be, but I can't remember his name. I do know however that he is an accountant from Orlando, Florida that has been running a firm there, and is now coming out here in July.

This week, we didn't do a whole lot, we had a lot of dinner appointments, (one every night), and i think this area is too good for me. I've been eating a lot due to the appointments, and have started gaining some weight. I am going to try to cut down though. My new companion that i'll get on thursday is apparently trying to lose weight as well, so I guess that'll help me out.

Daylight savings really threw me off yesterday. Our phone was supposed to change automatically, but it didn't and therefore didn't go off at the right time. we didn't miss any meetings thankfully, but we missed breakfast so all through church my stomach was growling.

Spiritual thought for the day comes from my personal studies this morning in Abraham chapter 3. It's talking about the different times of different planets, and how the inhabitants know time as it is according to their planet. The time of Kolob is similar to God's time which is about 1 day for every 1000 years we go through. When the earth is exalted, and we become like God, the celestial kingdom will be with God so our time will be like his, where 1 day is 1000 days for us. The Terrestrial kingdom will be half way between Kolob's time, and Present earth time, and then the Telestial world, will be the same time as we know it today. Pretty interesting don't you think?

Well, that's all I have for now, but I'll let you know how this week goes. It's probably going to be crazy though due to transfers.

Stay warm and stay safe, Don't forget to pray to have the spirit in your lives,

love you all,
Elder Dooley

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