Monday, March 23, 2015

Stuff I Forgot About

So, there are a few requests that I have. First is to know what the status is on a costco card. There is a Costco here, and it would be nice to get cheap food if i can. second is that I need a new pair of boots because mine ripped out on the side. I have already found some that should last a long time, but I just need money to buy them. If you could put 200 on my personal card, that would be amazing. I bought some ties, and a few other essentials, but Other than boots, I won't be buying anything else for a while. Also, don't forget to pull the trumpet out and make sure the valves aren't frozen. Finally, I need a GPS. I've almost gotten lost several times, and if you guys don't need it in Hawaii, then you could send it out. If you don't then I could buy one, but that's only if you allow me too. these are my only requests for now, and I hope that you are doing great.

Love you,
Elder Dooley

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