Monday, October 26, 2015

Car Accident

Afton, I don't remember that... sorry. But does that mean that you've started watching the Walking dead?

Cora, I can tell you it's definitely not the first time for watching Star Wars altogether, it's pretty fun though. The new Star Wars should be good. I have been good, and i've been enjoying it here. IT's been getting colder, but nonetheless, it's been a good week, and a crazy one at moments. 
Kirkham, It's going in Canada, that's how it's going. The weather is getting colder so that's not fun, but we actually got in a wreck this week, so that was definitely different from the norm. Good luck on fixing that bike. Was that one mine? If I remember she should be to short to ride it. Oh well, get it fixed and use it up. It's a good one, and it should last a while. 

Mom, The snow stuck around over night, and that's about it. Wish it stayed for longer, but at the same time, i'm glad it didn't because we would have had problems pretty quickly. 
I don't know really of any Amanda that went to school with me. Maybe I do, and i'm just forgetting. 
I am very much looking forward to the package, but it's not here yet, so i'll let you know when it gets here. 
You probably saw what I said to Kirkham and you're probably wondering what wreck I got into? Well, the other day Elder Bate and I were coming back from Stewiacke, and we were driving on the old highway. AS we came around a bend in the road, there was an intersection, and at that intersection was a girl who was considering pulling out on the highway. She would be pulling left and we were planning on going straight. I was driving by the way. There was a line of cars that had stopped to let the girl onto the highway, but I didn't notice that they had stopped. This intersection was immediately after the bend by the way, and the speed limit was 80 KMPH, and that's how fast I was driving. Anyways, the girl goes to pull out, and she had looked our direction before we had come around the bend, so she had no idea we were coming. She starts to slowly pull out, like most drivers do here, but she is going too slow, and then she looks and sees us coming down the highway, and freezes up. ( SHe had only had her license for about a month at this point and had no idea what to do.) we're lass than 50 yards from the intersection, and I go to swerve into the other lane, but there's a line of cars stopped, so I slam on the brakes, but the wheels aren't getting grip, and are sliding, so I try not to T-bone the other car, and barely avoid hitting the line up of cars, but slam into the front of the other car, instantly blowing our tire, bending our rim, snapping the drive-shaft, steering arm, and sway bar, and doing a bunch of other damage to the front passenger side of the car. When the car stops, I immediately jumped out of the car, where some lady that saw it all go down is yelling profanities at the other driver, and I assume that her car was hit, so I ask her if she's okay, and she says yes, and spouts a few more things off. I have no idea what I said or motion to her, but she stops, gets in her car and drives off after finding out that my companion is calling the police. I run over to the girl, and she's fine, but her front end on her car is all smashed up, but she is un-injured thankfully. The Crash was unavoidable, because of ditches on the side of the roads, as well as multiple cars. I was not responsible for the crash, and no one was injured aside from some minor bruising. Both cars had to be towed off scene. Now we are driving a big red van, and my companion is driving until everything is sorted out and they allow me to drive again. 
A crazy experience, but it was a good reminder that the Lord is constantly protecting his servants. If the wheel well had broken through, then Elder Bate would have had a broken ankle, foot, and maybe even worse. If the tires had regained traction with the way I had the wheel turned, we would have definitely rolled. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I'm glad i'm on his side. 
THat's all for this week. thanks for the love and support you show for me. 
Love You, Elder Dooley

p.s. here's some pictures: (having technical difficulties. Will post pictures later)

Here's the girls car: VW Golf

Another of her car

Me on the phone with 911 reporting the accident, this is after I had walked around the car, but didn't realize the extent of the damage. 

On the brighter side here's me stuck in the mud on P-day... No boots were lost in the making of this photo

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