Monday, October 19, 2015

Keeping Positive

Kirkham, I remember well how long it takes for that school to tell the seniors anything. Just do the stuff ahead of time and work hard if you can. Try not to let Video games distract you though. They may be fun, but remember that there's a time and a place for everything. Keep working hard though, and try to go outside sometime!

Afton, I open my mouth everywhere I go, all I do is talk to people, and hope they'll listen to me. SO you should try it. You've done it before, maybe you can do it again. How's school and all that going for you?

Cora, Awesome that you got a new bike, Try not to destroy this one though, i can't fix it from here, I'm already doing that all the time with bikes here that have been improperly fixed by missionaries that have no clue what they're doing. Won't be able to do that too much longer though, because we got the first snowfall last night!

Mom, Canadian thanksgiving was good. Felt exactly like American thanksgiving, just sooner. We got fed well, and enjoyed it. We went over to the Reye's house for thanksgiving supper. We mostly just talked and ate, and thought of what we were thankful for. It was a good day, and was well enjoyed. The Reye's are a family here in Truro. They're trying to move out west, (Alberta?), but they haven't had any luck with selling their house yet. They're a great family to be around.

I'm looking forward to getting that doughnut mix! I'll just need a glaze recipe to go along with it. Shipping to here varies on time, but I think that it should probably arrive later this week, or beginning of next. What matters is that it'll get here eventually which is what really matters! The Deckers wrote to me a few weeks ago, so I returned the favor because I didn't have their email. It's kind of fun sending home letter, and as soon as I get some fun Cards, i'll probably write a letter home for Christmas or something like that just for fun!

Sucks that Dad got Kidney Stones, now I really hope that I don't get them if it's as bad as he vaguely described, ( I imagined him on his pain med.s while writing to me). It'll pass eventually, I don't think anyone has died of Kidney Stones before.

Elder Bate is definitely a hard worker. He is keeping positive, but still like to have fun. I think that we should have a good transfer together, and we've had several of the same companions, so we're fairly alike I imagine.

Also, I thought that I should let you know that it snowed here last night. It wasn't a very thick layer, and didn't stick to the roads, but that just means that there is more on the way. In Maine, in the bottom of the mission, they had a snow storm the other day, so I imagine that it isn't far behind for us, although we are closer to the water, so it might be avoided for a bit longer. That's all I have for today. I love to hear how everything is going, and have a great week!
Love you, Elder Dooley

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