Monday, October 12, 2015


Afton, I love Halloween, but sadly, I'm not able to dress up for it, or go proselyting on that day, but I'm sure we'll do something for it. I am having fun, but it is still work so it's kinda tough at times, but it's worth it. Your scripture reminds me of a saying we have, "Open you mouth" just talk and the spirit will fill the listeners ears of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Well, as long as you're bearing testimony that is:)

Cora, Everything has been good. I'm pushing on, and trying to do my best as usual.

Kirkham, Maybe you can do your Eagle Project as your senior Project as well. Also, go to all the places you can find with scholarships, and apply to everyone you can, a lot of the time no one will apply for scholarships and you'll get one. That's how I got mine at least. Also, when it comes to school assignments and the likes, do the stuff that's worth the most first, and put the most work into those things, and then just deal with what comes your way. Always be confident in what you can do, and always create time to have fun, and do what you love. It'll help get rid of any stress you have. Never forget to create time to have fun, but also do the work that is needed.

Mom, Not a lot has really happened this week, other than getting my new companion. Elder Bate is a great guy, and knows how to work. He seems like a fun guy, and I think we'll have a good time while serving together. Elder Bate is from Kanab, Utah, and if you don't remember he's 6'9". May seem very big and menacing at first, but he is very soft spoken surprisingly.
Also this week, I found out that my card from the mission was hacked! Someone got access to my card, and several other Elder's Cards, and tried to use them in France for some stuff. It didn't work though, and now I need to wait to get a new card. I'm sure they'll figure out who did it soon enough, because we think we figured out where it happened, (Wendy's), so we're not sure we'll go to the one in Truro now.
 Also, it turns out that today is Canadian thanksgiving. I had no idea, and it feels really weird to have thanksgiving today, especially on a monday. Truro has pretty much turned into a ghost town it feel like. But the weather has also been getting colder, and apparently some places in New Brunswick have already gotten snow. Glad I'm not there right now. Anyways, that's all I have for this week, wish I had more, but that just seems to be how it is. Thank you for the Love and support! I love you,
Elder Dooley

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