Monday, November 16, 2015


Afton, thank you for that scripture, it really helps you to understand the nature of the Holy Ghost. If it is something that is good, the Holy Ghost will be there, and you will always want him to be there. Continue on in your good works. ANd keep looking for scholarship ideas, you could help Kirkham out with that stuff.

Cora, trust me, you don't even know cold yet. Once you've been in -20 degrees celsius, or colder as happens here, then you can complain. Although, I suppose you're used to it being quite warm, so even a few degrees of change cause it to feel really cold. I really like the quote you sent today, because that is definitely the way to be happier in all things.

Kirkham, The Maritimes are definitely getting colder, as well as the rest of Canada. Snow will soon be here, and then the shoveling will begin. I never did speech and debate, mostly because I probably would've gotten upset over some of the points covered, But I suppose that everyone has those things that they enjoy. I'll try to keep warm however I can, but I know my feet won't go cold anytime soon, those slippers are amazing.

Mom, I'm going to be getting transferred this week. I'll be going to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. From what i've heard it's a great area, and I'm looking forward to serving there. I'll be serving with Elder Aaron Quinton, and Elder Eric O'Brien. So I'll be a part of a trio. Both Elders are fun guys to be around, so it should be a good transfer. I don't have any stories from this week, but this next one should be interesting, because we're going to be white washing the area. Which means that the three of us going in weren't already there. Also, the Bridgewater Elders don't have an apartment, they have a cabin, with a wood stove, so that should be good for the winter.

It's no fun when everyone gets sick. I'm trying my best to avoid sickness altogether, so hopefully I stay well, and bug free. Hopefully you get better quickly, and you're more able to stay awake during your work. I'm almost out of time for today, so I need to hurry. I don't know the address for Bridgewater, though I'll get it to you sometime during the week maybe. Otherwise just send it to the mission office. And I would like ties(floral?), Garments, and whatever else you think I might like.

I love you, have a great week!

Love, ELder Dooley

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