Monday, November 9, 2015

Yet In My Dreams

Afton, I have been doing well, and trying to have fun while working at the same time. It is weird how quickly the time goes. before you know it, i'll be back, unless I start thinking about home, then it'll take forever, so don't make me trunky!

Kirkham, quit your whining. A little exercise in the morning is good for you, if you were to slow down a bit, then you wouldn't sweat as much. and congrats on getting un-sick :)

Cora, Kirkham probably got you sick, so you should make him feel bad for doing that to you. I'm sure you did a great job in the presentation, although you probably shouldn't have been messing around, people probably noticed, at least you had fun though!

Mom, since it snowed last, it hasn't snowed again. Kind of obvious, but we haven't seen any more since what we saw a few weeks ago. It won't be long until it starts though, I think i'll be more ready for it this time though.
The service we've been doing has been raking leaves, mowing, yard clean-up, stacking wood in basements, and helping out at the long-term care facility here. All are fun, and we have even more coming up soon, maybe even help building a deck. We have not had any new adventures recently, we'll try to do something today, but we need to do some stuff to get our car ready for a parade next weekend. We'll be pulling a trailer with stuff on it. It should help people see us out in the community like normal people having fun! The new church policy hasn't brought any negative attention to us yet, maybe people haven't heard about it here, and hopefully it stays that way for a while.

We still don't have anyone that we're teaching, though we are trying to find some. They'll come, it just takes some time usually. I had a spiritual experience though this week in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was conducting the music like I usually do, and we were singing Nearer my God to me. As I was leading the music into the end of verse two, the spirit hit me at the words "yet in my dreams i'd be nearer my God to thee" and the words just stood out from that moment on, and I realized after sitting down after the song, that often times we can only dream of being close to God's perfectness, due to the mistakes we make, but as we try to make the changes in our lives that bring us more in harmony with the path the savior provides us with, we will be guided, and we will be strengthened. No matter what has been done, and no matter how far gone you may think you are, you can always go back, and look for the path of peace. It may be hard to find at first, but as you try to get there, you will find it, and you can be forgiven of all you've done. Never give up, keep going, lift your head up, and you will make it through eventually.

That's all I have for this week. Thank you for you love and support!
Love you, Elder Dooley

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